2022 Strategic Development Conference

Hebei ze bo biological technology co., LTD. Held yesterday 2022 annual strategic customer cooperation project development meeting, conference, the manager to establish a detailed development plan in 2022, and affirms the relevant since the operation effectiveness and efficiency of the project team to achieve project scheme, and the next continues to do a good job in customer service, deepen strategic cooperation put forward three requirements:
First, we should improve our position and deeply understand the significance of strategic customer service. Keep close contact with strategic customers, provide more valuable services, systematically promote the operation of strategic customer project system and cultivation of strategic customers, and build a stronger “foundation” and “high-end” of the chemical sector.

Second, we need to effectively improve the quality and level of services. We should strengthen our service innovation consciousness and value creation ability, timely respond to the needs of strategic customers in joint innovation, product and application development, and enhance sinopec’s brand influence and value creation ability in deepening cooperation with strategic customers in subsectors.

Third, to strengthen the support for strategic customer cooperation projects, continue to improve the project operation mechanism. All departments should stand at the overall height of the chemical industry, accurately identify the core demands of customers, timely study and respond to customers’ needs in resources, finance, policy, technology and other aspects, effectively eliminate customers’ pain points and create sweet spots for cooperation. The Strategic Cooperation Department shall organize special training on project management as soon as possible, and continuously optimize the objective management, process management and assessment mechanism of the project.

Finally, everyone expressed their hope to make joint efforts in the New Year and make greater contributions to building the company into the world’s leading comprehensive service provider of chemical trade. In 2022, we will always promote scientific and technological innovation and enhance value creation capacity. In today’s world, the chemical industry has shifted from being driven by resources and investment to being driven by innovation, paying more attention to the development of new products and technologies.

Post time: Mar-16-2022